Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sony Vaio Hotkey Utility problem

If you have Sony Vaio laptop you might have problems with running Hotkeys Utility. It simply doesn't work. After installation and rebooting combinations of Fn keys still don't work.

I downloaded Hotkeys Utility from Sony Vaio-link web site. It was dedicated for my vaio. I installed it and nothing. I dug the net and finally I found a short notice that there is other software that should be installed in proper order:

Sony Shared Library
Sony UI Library
Sony Hotkeys Utility

Due to legal issues I won't put these files here but there are plenty of pages with them. Just use google.

Install these programs and then install Hotkeys Utility program and the problem is solved.

If this helped you, please drop a line for me so I'll know that's worth of writing such articles.


  1. I was rebuilding an old PCG-FX250 and ran into this same problem. Thanks so much for your post.

  2. Many thanks same problem and difficult to find the solution for resolving.