Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Installing Debian on Neo1973

I'm just installing Debian on Neo1973 phone and I found some hard points to solve. So I decided to do some notes how to do it. It could be useful for others.

Installing HowTo is under http://wiki.debian.org/DebianOnNeo1973 . According to it, we should run

./installDebianOnNeo.sh all

but suddenly, due to a bug in debian security package, it fails with an error

Can't find keyring debian-archive-keyring.gpg

After minutes of digging I found solution. A debian stage calls cdebootstrap-static and it can take missing pgp file as an argument, so you need to download it from the net (or suck from own PC's debian installation), I found it on


Put this file to /tmp dir and modify line of cdebootstrap-static call

cdebootstrap-static --allow-unauthenticated --flavour minimal --keyring=/tmp/debian-archive-keyring.gpg --include=$CDEBOOTS...

I assume that you did ./installDebianOnNeo.sh all before. Now run

./installDebianOnNeo.sh debian

The installation will go further but fails again with unmet dependecies of libcaca0 and libcucul0. Due to fact that apt is set to unstable distribution there are some dependecies probles. Solution is to switch to testing, then install libcaca0 and libcucul0 and then switch back to unstable. To do this, switch to prepared debian root on SD card with

chroot /mnt/debian /bin/sh

then edit /etc/apt/sources.list and change first entry from ustable to testing. Then refresh packages list with

apt-get update

install missing libraries

apt-get install libcaca0 libcucul0

Exit chroot (with exit command :) ) and go with the remaining stages

./installDebianOnNeo.sh apt fso configuration kernel unmount

After that, follow the rest of main debian on Neo1973 manual.

Voila! Enjoy Debian on Neo1973 :D

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