Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Netbeans Plugin on the way

I'm during exploring Netbeans Platform architecture. I like it very much. As I already have a Netbeans Platform Certified Associate certificate, I plan to gain higher level Netbeans Certified Engineer.

To achieve that I have to write a Netbeans Platform plugin. It will be a IM client with various awesome features ;) My plans were commented by Geertjan Wielenga (Netbeans Documentation and Tutorials master writer) whom I met personally. Geertjan said that my plugin would qualified me as a Certified Engineer. Awesome! :D

So I'm developing it right now, at 1:20am as this is the only time when I don't have to look after my children :)

I plan to put some early screenshots as soon as there will be something good to show.

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