Monday, June 25, 2012

Imagination is better than high budget

Many times I've seen big crap for big money. That applies to software, to films, to theater plays and to music video clips. It's not a problem to create anything when you have a lot of money to spend (all polish romantic-like comedies for example - they all sucks!). But when you doesn't have them then you start to be creative, to use imagination instead of super-duper video effects. That's a huge opportunity to create diamonds instead of shiny plastics.

I bet you know what I mean.

As a little proof, a nice clip from Quiet Company. The band I don't listen to. It's not kind of music I like but I saw this video clip about 5 times and I like it and I found inspiration in it. They said that it was very low budget production made in their private house.

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